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Do You Really Need An App For That?

That question is incredibly vague ” Do You Really Need An App “ Do you really need and app ,Obviously, if you have an idea for the next ‘killer app’, then the question is irrelevant; you need an app. However, more and more businesses are asking the question in the context of their whole marketing…

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How To Spot A Super App Developer

So you’ve decided that your business needs an app and the next step is to find an app development business to produce your app for you. OK, its time to find out How To Spot A Super App Developer The app development market currently favours the app developers; there are lots of businesses wanting to have apps…

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Simple Explanation As To what Native, Hybrid, Mobile Enabled, Web Apps Are.

When you hear the word “App” mentioned, do you know what is being referred to? Native, Hybrid, Mobile Enabled, Web Apps .It could depend on the context in which the word was used, but if it is predicated by words like “iPhone”, “Android”, Smartphone”, or “Mobile” you would expect it to mean something very specific; in…

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App Development Questions : NDA, Source Code Ownership ,Contracts, Exclusivity

There are so many questions that you need to ask before pressing ahead with your app development project that it is easy to overlook some of the most important ones.

App Marketing Tips

Creating a  App is easy with the right developer, but creating an app that gets noticed and downloaded is another challenge .We would like to share some app marketing tips to help you get your app noticed. Befor we start with the app marketing tips Here is what you are up against when you release your app to a…

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App Bugs And Maintenance

App Bugs and maintenance should not be forgotten So, you’ve paid your money and the app developer has produced an app for you, it’s on the app store and everything is looking rosy. You’re probably quite excited at this point, and certainly not thinking about what happens when things go wrong. App bugs and maintenance are…

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Is Your App On Every iTunes App Store? Are You Sure? You Might Want To Check

Is Your App On Every iTunes App Store? all 155 of them… Are you sure about that? You might want to check. It might appear that you are selling your app in every app store; in Tunes Connect there may be a check next to each of the individual stores, and you have probably ticked “New Territories…

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Has Your App Been Cracked Sailing The Mobile App Seas? Thar Be Pirates, Yar!

Has Your App Been Cracked We are all familiar with the term piracy in the context of modern consumerism and the act of taking something without paying for it; it has been an issue for the music industry, the film industry, and the software industry for many years. The App industry (yes, I know it’s…

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