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To IAP Or Not To IAP, That Is The Question

To IAP Or Not To IAP, That Is The Question .There are many ways to monetize an app; charge a purchase fee for it, generate revenue by displaying ads, and use In-App Purchase to unlock features or load additional content. For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to concentrate on In-App Purchase (IAP).

iTunes AppStore Reviews

This is a response to @DanielleLOwen, who left a twitter message for us this morning about the iTunes AppStore Reviews for myWorkTime. However, this response applies to anyone who reads the AppStore Reviews for any app. Firstly, I’ll quote Danielle’s tweet so that other readers can see the need for this response.

Has Your App Been Cracked Sailing The Mobile App Seas? Thar Be Pirates, Yar!

Has Your App Been Cracked We are all familiar with the term piracy in the context of modern consumerism and the act of taking something without paying for it; it has been an issue for the music industry, the film industry, and the software industry for many years. The App industry (yes, I know it’s…

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